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All-Star Catalyst Profile Youth Shoulder Pads [E25843]


All-Star Catalyst Youth Football Shoulder Pads [E21485]



All-Star Thigh Length d3o Football Girdles [E21729]


All-Star Eliminator II Youth Football Shoulder Pad [E21589]



All-Star Eliminator I Youth Football Shoulder Pads [E21484]


All-Star Catalyst Y14UR Replacement Padding Sets [E71755]


All-Star Catalyst Y14U Replacement Padding Sets [E21560]



All-Star Youth d3o Protective Compression Shirts [E25863]


All-Star Adult Football Rib Pad Vests [E21593]


All-Star Integrated Hip & Tail Football Girdles [E25913]


All-Star Adult Rib Protection Compression Shirts [E25905]


All-Star Junior Varsity Football Rib Pad Vests [E21594]


All-Star Youth Rib Protection Compression Shirts [E25906]



All-Star Adult All-In-One Football Girdles [E25910]


All-Star Youth Football Rib Pad Vests [E21595]


All-Star Youth All-In-One Football Girdles [E25912]


All-Star Catalyst Y14U Back Replacement Pads [E21561]


All-Star Youth Football Back Kick Plates [E21617]



All-Star Catalyst Y14UR Front Replacement Pads [E71763]


All-Star Catalyst Y14UR Back Replacement Pads [E71760]


All-Star JV 7pc Slotted Football Pad Sets [E21638]


All-Star Catalyst Y14U Front Replacement Pads [E21562]


All-Star Adult Football Combination Arm Guards [E21881]


All-Star Adult All-In-One Mesh Football Girdles [E21742]


All-Star Youth 7pc Die Cut Football Pad Sets [E21632]


ALL-STAR Foam Padded Sports Wristbands (Pairs) [E14845]



All-Star Adult Football Front Kick Plates [E21615]


All-Star Youth Compression Football Girdles [E21739]


All-Star Youth All-In-One Mesh Football Girdles [E21744]


All-Star Youth Football Combination Arm Guards [E21882]



All-Star Jr. Lite Replacement Back Pads [E21571]


All-Star Youth 7pc Slotted Football Pad Sets [E21635]


All-Star Deluxe Volleyball Knee Pads [E25873]


All-Star Jr. Lite Replacement Front Pads [E21570]


All-Star Youth 7pc Snap-In Football Pad Sets [E21630]


All-Star Adult Universal Football Thigh Guards [E21644]


All-Star Adult Football Forearm Guards [E21879]


All-Star Youth d3o Football Forearm Crash Pad [E25857]


All-Star Youth Football Forearm Guards [E21880]


All-Star Jr. Lite Replacement Top Pads [E21572]


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Football Protective Gear Buying Guide

Football players need good protective gear before taking the field to make sure they remain safe during the game. Even though there is no guarantee that injuries will be prevented, equipment is designed to help players performance and help reduce the risk of injuries.

Buying football shoulder pads

Consider the position and what type of protection is needed when choosing shoulder pads

  • Quarterbacks
    • Use smaller, lightweight pads that won't limit movement when throwing
    • The flexible, low profile design gives you the protection without weighing you down
  • Defensive/Offensive Lineman
    • Like larger, tougher pads that absorb constant hard hitting
    • Lineman need heavy duty shoulder pads with maximum protection and unrestricted movement around arms
  • Wide Receivers & Running Backs
    • Want a set of pads that are lightweight and won't slow them down when running across the field
    • The thinner design at the neck and arms allow for flexibility and unrestricted movement
  • Defensive Backs
    • Use smaller, flexible pads that absorb hits but allows you to move quickly downfield
    • Prefer pads that are lightweight with a low profile design for full range of motion

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How do I find the right size shoulder pads?

  • Stand up straight with arms at your side
  • Have someone measure across your back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade
  • Round up 1/2" to determine width size

When you find the shoulder pads that are right for you, go to the size chart found on the product, use your measurements to know which size to select

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How should shoulder pads fit?

Try on the pads:

  1. Secure all straps and laces for a tight fit in the front and back
  2. The pads should fit comfortably on your shoulders and should not pinch your collar
  3. The padding should extend 1" from your shoulders
  4. The pads should fully cover the clavicle, sternum and upper shoulder
  5. When raising and lowering your arms the pads should not ride up on the neck

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Additional protective pads

Thigh pads
Thigh Pads

  • Made from either foam, that is lightweight and molds to the body, or vinyl dipped, that is thick for better protection
  • Fits pockets inside football pants or girdles with pockets designed to insert pads

Knee pads
Knee Pads

  • Made from either foam, that is lightweight and molds to the body, or vinyl dipped, that is thick for better protection
  • Soft pads, foam-encased that slide into the pockets of most football pants

Neck rolls/Collar pads

Protect your neck from harm when playing football by wearing neck rolls and shoulder pad collars
Neck Roll

  • Neck rolls should be comfortable and supportive
  • Attachs to the neck area of the shoulder pads to cradle and hold the neck in it's proper place
  • Most manufacturers make specific models to fit their pads

Forearm pads

Forearm pads come in a variety of materials, sizes and cushions
Forearm Pad

  • For a proper fit the pad should be close to the wrist and the elbow
  • Put your arms down and swing them back and forth, the pads should not slip
  • Forearm pads should be comfortable, but tight enough so they don't slide or move around on impact

Hip and Tailbone pads
Hip & Tailbone Pads

  • Hip pads are worn mainly by players who take punishment from tackles such as quarterbacks, receivers and running backs
  • Tailbone pads are worn by running backs and receivers who often get hit there
  • Hip and tailbone pads are usually sold as a set of three
  • A girdle needs to be purchased for these pads, since
  • Football pants are not designed with pockets for hip and tailbone pads, so a girdle will have to be bought

Rib vests
Rib Vest

  • Vests are worn under the jersey, attached directly to the shoulder pads or separately
  • Rib vests are fitted by chest size according to the maker's specifications
  • Most manufacturers sell rib protectors made specifically for their shoulder pads

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All-Star Football Protective Pads

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